Braille Input in iOS 8


In iOS8, you can write braille on your iOS device, similar to apps like MBraille or Braille Touch. The difference is that this is global, available anywhere you have a keyboard. No switching apps and pasting text, you simply use braille instead of the on-screen keyboard.

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Speller – Free Spell Checker



Speller is a perfect tool to check spellings of English or Spanish words and come up with suggestions for misspelled words. Speller is based on Aspell, an open source spell checker for various platforms.

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Unity Core


Unity® Core is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) iPad app that lays down a solid language foundation for non-verbal individuals. It is based on the unique and powerful Unity® language system that was previously only found in PRC communication aids from Liberator. Unity® Core provides a consistent and teachable pathway for attaining vital communication skills.

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SmallTalk Communication and Practice Apps


The SmallTalk Family of Free apps offers users extreme portability for when you want to practice your speech and more effectively communicate on the go. SmallTalk apps use the same icons, voices, and videos found in the Lingraphica AllTalk™, TouchTalk™, and MiniTalk™ speech-generating devices.

  1. SmallTalk Aphasia (Your AllTalk Mobile Accessory App)

    SmallTalk Aphasia MaleSmallTalk Aphasia Female

    The SmallTalk Aphasia app turns the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad into a mobile accessory to your AllTalk. It allows you to take your favorite icons, phrases, and videos from the AllTalk with you wherever you go. The SmallTalk Aphasia app provides a vocabulary of pictures and videos that talk in a natural human voice, with a male or female option.

  2. SmallTalk Dysphagia


    The SmallTalk Dysphagia app* provides you with a set of icons and phrases that enable you to communicate your swallowing needs and challenges to the caregivers and healthcare providers who are helping you eat and take your required medications. The SmallTalk Dyspagia app talks in a natural human voice.

    Download SmallTalk Dysphagia

  3. SmallTalk Oral Motor Exercises

    Oral Motor Exercises

    The SmallTalk Oral Motor Exercises app* is designed for people experiencing weak mouth, tongue, and lip muscles, and/or poor oral coordination. The app consists of 52 videos illustrating cheek, tongue, soft palate, lip, and jaw movements that help strengthen the muscles that help you speak.

    Download SmallTalk Oral Motor Exercises

  4. SmallTalk Conversational Phrases

    Conversational Phrases

    Designed to help and enhance your communication with others, the SmallTalk Conversational Phrases app provides you with words and phrases commonly used in conversations, such as greetings, responses, requests, and statements about well-being. It offers you a wide range of vocabulary and pictures and talks in a natural human voice.

    Download SmallTalk Conversational Phrases

  5. SmallTalk Daily Activities

    Daily Activities

    The SmallTalk Daily Activities app provides you with the words and icons you need to go about the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and leisure. This app gives you the necessary vocabulary to communicate simple but very important messages to your loved ones and/or caregivers in a natural human voice.

    Download SmallTalk Daily Activities

  6. SmallTalk Intensive Care

    Intensive Care

    If you are in a hospital emergency room, intensive care unit, or other type of medical facility and you need to communicate with your doctors and nurses, the SmallTalk Intensive Care app provides you with critical words and phrases that will help you describe pain, feelings, and medical needs — phrases like “I need a doctor” or “I have chest pain.” The app talks in a natural human voice.

    Download SmallTalk Intensive Care

  7. SmallTalk Pain Scale

    Pain Scale

    The SmallTalk Pain Scale app helps you communicate the intensity of any pain you may be experiencing. The app includes pain descriptions and images from the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Scale — these visually illustrate pain on a scale from “no pain” to “severe pain.” The images are accompanied by a vocabulary that talks in a natural human voice.

    Download SmallTalk Pain Scale

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Our Story for iPad



Reading, even in the digital age, is probably one of the most important skills that children acquire. It can be an important source of pleasure which also develops vital language and social skills. It is fundamental to most school activities, it can also open up new worlds and give access to the wealth of human knowledge.

This app that has been developed by child psychologists and other specialists at The Open University enables young children to take part in fun games which can help develop interests and skills that will be relevant to them when they start to read.

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TapTapSee is a mobile camera application designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired iOS users. The app utilizes the iDevice’s camera and VoiceOver functions to photograph objects and identify them out loud for the user.

TapTapSee enables the user to double tap on the device’s screen to photograph any two or three dimensional object at any angle, have it accurately analyzed, and defined within seconds. The iDevice’s VoiceOver then speaks the identification audibly to the user.

Moreover, TapTapSee includes the following additional features: Repetition of the last image’s identification, ability to upload images from the camera roll, share identification via Twitter, Facebook, text or email, rotor reader, flash toggle, and the ability to save the identified image to the camera roll with the attached tag.

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Assistive Express


Assistive Apps presents Assistive Express, an affordable Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) Device, catered to people with difficulty in speech. The biggest challenge for such users when using AAC devices is the number of key strokes or hits required to construct any sentences, which can take up a significant amount of time to have a decent conversation with anyone. To overcome this challenge, Assistive Express is designed to be simple and efficient, allowing users to express their views and thoughts at the most express manner, with natural sounding voices. 

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