Easy to use and popular with pupils, Starspell simply corrects any mistake and the pupil tries again. Starspell has a comprehensive and progressive approach to spelling.  Every word is spoken, and has a  sentence in context. Adding your own lists is easy. Specially designed games and worksheets reinforce learning. For Windows XP up to Windows 7. Look at the ScreenShots, Features of Starspell and the Word-Lists we use. The new phonics section is especially useful for whole class use in with the interactive whiteboard, but also for early spellers following a structured program of phonics development, such as the English “Sounds & Letters programme.

Age: 4 to 18

Features: Phonic lists, topic lists, Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check. A brand-new phonics section matching the English Sounds and Letters programme.

Where can I find out more?

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