Text to Voice for Mac


If you don’t use a screen reader, but can benefit from hearing text on your computer screen spoken to you, you can use Text to Speech. To enable Text to Speech, open the Speech pane in System Preferences. By default, pressing Option-Escape will start and stop speaking selected text, but you can also choose a different key combination.


Using the Services menu, you can save speech output as a spoken track in iTunes. Then you can play the spoken text again later, add it to a playlist, and even sync it to an iPod so you can listen to it on the go. Just select the text and choose “Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track” from the application’s Services menu. To add this command to the Services menu, choose Services Preferences in an application’s Services menu, click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, then select Services. There you’ll find many commands you can add to the Services menu, including “Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track.”

Where can I find out more? 

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