Tobii Communicator


Tobii Communicator is an alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) software platform designed with you in mind. Communicator converts text and symbols into clear speech, gives you computer access and even allows you to control devices and appliances in your surroundings (ECU). Communicate the way you want, when you want, giving you new levels of control and independence.

Who is Helped by Tobii Communicator?

Tobii Communicator is designed for use by all individuals with communication disabilities, at various levels. It is also ideal for those creating page sets and communication boards, such as speech and language therapists (SLP), special education teachers, family members and care givers.

Communicator works seamlessly, but is not limited to, Tobii speech generation devices such as the MyTobii P10Tobii C8C12 and C15.

Effective communication

In today’s world, the ability to go beyond face-to-face communication is increasingly important. Access to e-mail and messaging enhances the independence and quality of life of many AAC users. Being able to engage in private and personal conversations without the assistance of a helper is of huge importance to many people — all of which is possible with Communicator 4.

Tobii Communicator allows for high levels of personalization and for multiple user profiles and getting started couldn’t be easier:  you can be up and running in minutes, ready to chat, joke, give opinions, send texts or surf the Internet. And with powerful time saving tools such as word and phrase prediction, communication is quicker than ever.

Extended functionality

Tobii communicator is suitable for all levels of cognitive and physical ability, featuring symbols and pictures for users who cannot write or the choice of keyboard layouts for text, telephone and computer access for users who can.

Using the different Tobii Sono Suite software products, the functionality of Tobii Communicator can be extended even further.

Tobii Communicator supports a full range of input methods, too, from keyboard and mouse input, to scan, switch, head mouse and eye control. And whichever method you use, with Tobii Communicator you can use infrared light transceivers to control your environment, giving you even greater independence.

Where can I find out more?

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