Dolphin EasyTutor


EasyTutor is a truly revolutionary software solution for anyone with Dyslexia or who has difficulties reading, writing and spelling.  By harnessing the power of the inbuilt speech output facility, computer users can write, read, view and check text alongside a human sounding voice.

Research has shown that students with literacy problems can achieve improvements of up to 40% in exam scores when learning materials are delivered as combined audio and text.

EasyTutor is the perfect companion software due to its intuitive toolbar which works seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet Explorer.

EasyTutor is also available on a USB Pen so you can take the software with you from PC to PC. Please note: EasyTutor on a Dolphin Pen does not include scanning functionality or Dolphin EasyReader.

EasyTutor has been specifically designed for computer users who are Dyslexic, have other learning difficulties or just need that extra little help when reading and writing on their computer. Children at school, University students, adults at work or on work training schemes will all experience the benefits of developing their reading and writing skills with EasyTutor.

Where can I find out more?

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