Prizmo for iPhone


All-in-One Mobile Scanning & OCR App

Document Specific Processing
Tell Prizmo what you want to scan, and it will automatically apply a specific processing to each document type:

  • Business Cards: Prizmo pulls out all data from business cards, and enters the contact information into appropriate fields (name, company, job title, address, mail, website,…). Send vCards to your colleagues, or add the contact to your address book. You can even add new information to existing contacts.
  • Bills & Receipts: Split the bill between several people. Delete and edit items if necessary. You can even share the cost of an item (like a bottle of wine), and ask Prizmo how much you should add for the tip.
  • Whiteboards: You no longer need to take down notes when attending a meeting. Take a picture of the whiteboard, and enhance the shot using Prizmo’s image processing features. The meeting report is ready to be sent in a few clicks.
  • Text Documents: Avoid typing text from books, newspapers, leaflets…, and perform OCR on them instead. Upload the output to a Dropbox or CloudApp account. You can even ask Prizmo to read the text for you using one of the 35 high-quality speech synthesis voices available.

Where can I find out more?

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